Что такое стресс? (What does a 'stress' mean?)

Nowadays a lot of people suffer from a stress of from the stress-related diseases.
Sometimes I am also under a great stress.

That’s why I decided to understand what a stress means and how we can overcome it.
I gathered differant facts and wrote a Russiabn artickle “Что такое стресс?”

You can find my article openning this link:

It’s in Russian, but maybe later someone from my friends will translate it into English and German.
Good luck and avoid the stress!

And here you can find an English version of my article - STRESS: WHAT IS IT? - translated and read by Richard Protorich from England.
Thanks, Richard, for your good translation!
Here is the link:

Very good article Evgueny. I think some of us study a language for avoiding the stress. To study languages in LingQ is like to play a video game. LingQ relax me.