Учи русский вместе со мной / New Russian tutor available

Hey hi! My name’s Robert. Promoting myself like that is a little bit tacky, I know. You can’t do it without spreading a word, though. Okay, so here I am.
I am a Russian native speaker.
Currently I study at university, my major is fundamental and applied linguistics.
The main focus is here that I’ll be talking with you, so do not expect any homework exercises and these kinds of outdated means of teaching a language. Saying that, you have to be able to speak Russian to some degree at least – it’s all about practicing.
I have some experience teaching, also. Not that much but I am willing and able.
After the lesson is finished I’ll give you a report / list of mystakes you’ve made, with audio material.

Добрый день! Меня зовут Роберт! Я объявляю о том, что я начинаю представлять услуги обучения русскому языку. Основная идея – помочь людям раскрыться и начать говорить по-русски. Если у тебя есть базовые знания русского языка и хочешь начать говорить, то я помогу.

Don’t be shy, check me out.
See ya!