УСТАЛЫЙ ОПТИМИЗМ (A tired optimism)

It’s a short review of the press-conference of Vl. Putin made on 18 December in front of 1200 journalists from different countries.
Of course, it’s my own impression and I can’t tell about all questions and problems considered during the conference.
Here you have a link to the Russian text of my article:


I’d rather call this ‘Weary optimism’'; it’s not a matter of language knowledge, it’s rather a matter of language feeling… ‘A tired optimism’ sounds very, er, … unusual to me…

Yes, you are right.
‘Weary’ is good or even ‘weak’ or ‘not really proven’.
But I wanted to say that even Putin is already tired to show the optimism to the population of Russia and at the same time - to the Western countries.

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Ah, yeah, Yevgeny, You’re right…

Besides, the reasons are much too apparent requiring no further elaboration on that…

A tired optimism of the weary hangman…Another Woolraiser with another wool…
По просьбе трудящихся:)
Усталый оптимизм Изношенного палача…Ещё один Восставший-из-Ваты с очередной ватой…
Woolraiser - это аналогия на Hellraiser.

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Hi ! =)))

You might just as well have written your post in Russian… At least, it would have both made much more sense and be more readable, in the long run…

And now my friend Rick Jones has made an English tranlation of my article about the press conference of Putin.
Here the Link is:
NEWS AND POLITICS-9. A Tired Optimism (the press conference of Putin)

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