УРОКИ РУССКОГО ДЛЯ НАЧИНАЮЩИХ (Russian lessons for beginners)

I have some Russian courses for beginners at lingq.com
The simplest course is НАЧНЁМ (Let’s go)
Here is the link to the course:
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Here you can find such lessons:
Русский алфавит
Русские имена
Кто он? (Профессии)
Личные местоимения (я-ты-он-она-мы-вы-они)
Притяжательные местоимения (мой-моя-моё-мои)
Настоящее время глаголов
Предлоги в-из, к-от, перед- после, над-под
Интересный- скучный
Степени сравнения прилагательных
Падежи существительных
Я должен- мне нужно
Примеры с “мне нравится” и другие.

Write me if you don’t understand anything in my lessons.
Good luck!

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РУССКИЙ С НУЛЯ is what I’m studying right now. I find these lessons well done. I’m not in a hurry and I give every lesson the time needed before moving to the next.

Thank you, @evgueny40!

Same here. I also use РУССКИЙ С НУЛЯ at this moment.

Thank you, Etudiant!
РУССКИЙ С НУЛЯ (Russian from zero) is my second course for beginner learners.
It contains the most important language patterns, the basic Grammar rules and the everyday vocabulary about 2000 words.

As a language teacher I can confirm that you are right you are not in a hurry and ‘give every lesson the time needed before moving to the next’.
It’s very important in order to create the necessary base for the new language.
You can move faster after reaching the stable Intermediate level, but not before.
Hurriedness and impatience are two main mistakes of many beginner learners.

And for the learners who would like to try this course РУССКИЙ С НУЛЯ, I give here the link to it:

Good luck!
Ask me if you don’t understand some words or some structures.