УПРАЖНЕНИЯ по грамматике русского языка (Exercises in Russian Grammar)

A lot of people who are learning Russian ask me to create some exercises in Russian Grammar because they are not sure in such a difficult Grammar.
I’ve written 4 lessons about the declension.
If they are really helpful for you, I’ll continue.
That’s why your feedback could be interesting for me.
And here is the link to this course:

Good luck with Russian!

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I think one of the hardest grammar points of slavic languages is the distinction and the correct use of perfective and non-perfective verbs. I have understood the theory of the verbal aspect but I’m still having some problems choosing the correct aspect in Polish. So, I think it would help if you created some lessons about this in Russian.

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Yes, Michael, it’s the most difficutt topic in Russian Grammar togetgher with the verbs of the movement.
I wrote about the verbs of movement in my course “Практическая грамматика”, but it is the task for the next 1-2 months to write about the aspects.
Maybe I make later some exercises about the aspects as well, but at first I would like to make some basic exercises about the declention because I had a lot of student questions about it.
Today I’ve added some new exercisess, and the most interesting is maybe about the application of the prepositions ‘v’ and ‘na’ in the Prepositional case because it isn’t so easy and a lot of students and even some native speakers make mistakes here.
For everybody who is interested about the correct application of ‘v’ and ‘na’ I give the link to this lesson: