Убийство Григория Распутина (The killing of Grigory Rasputin)

There are a lot of stories and some movies and songs about Grigory Rasputin who had a great influence on the Russian Zar Nikolay the Second.
I’ve written an article about this strange, but powerful man.
Here is the link to my Russian version:

День за днём (Day by day)-134. УБИЙСТВО ГРИГОРИЯ РАСПУТИНА


I never heard of this person until yesterday. I was listening to the “Hardcore History” podcast by Dan Carlin, which I downloaded some weeks ago. He was covering WWI and the 1917 events. He had an excellent narrative of this person and his life.

Then today, I came here and found out your article about the same person. What a coincident!

Thanks for making this lesson.

Nicely written. Have you ever watched the movie “Hellboy”? Rasputin is the top bad guy.

And here is the link to the English Version of my arricle “The murder of Grigory Rasputin”:

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Now you can read this article also in German.
This is the link to a German version:

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