Скучный язык?


Recently, I had the opportunity to practice Russian with a native speaker two days ago, and she said that Russian was a “скучный язык”. Is there another translation besides “boring language”? I have a hard time believing she would say her native tongue was boring, as I have never met someone who had this feeling about their native language.


I think it’s virtually the only way to translate it. So just ask her what she finds boring about it :slight_smile:

I sometimes prefer to read or hear to something in some other language, so that I would practice it at the same time, but end-up with Russian, because that’s often the language I find quality content in. So it’s certainly not boring for me in this respect.

@eugrus - absolutely agree :slight_smile: I don’t understand how Russian, such a dynamic, alive, historically rich, and emotional language with multiple ways to express yourself, can be boring… I love my language and always enjoy speaking it.

Boring is not a word I would associate with anything to do with Russia, least of all its expressive and beautiful language. Never a dull moment!

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I wouldn’t either, I was actually really surprised when she said this to me! Actually her exact words were “очень скучный язык”. She said she was from the Soviet Union, not Russia, so the whole thing was quite confusing for me.

Эта девушка просто разочаровалась в жизни, а может быть, в стране - вот поэтому для неё русский язык скучный!
Я думаю, что ни один язык в мире не скучный.
Он может быть трудным, согласен, но не скучным!

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