Сколько языков можно изучать одновременно? (How many languages can you study at the same time?)

This topic regularly appears in the forum, that’s why I decided to write my thoughts about it.
Now it’s possible to read to them who can read in Russian, but maybe someone would like to translate it into English or German a bit later.
And here is the link to my article about ‘How many languages toy can study at the same time’:


Evgueny, this is an interesting topic for our listeners because many people and especially language learners who are not so experienced ask this question about simultanous language study again and again.

As a long-lasting language learner I know where my limits are and which dosis of languages suits me well, because this is different for different people. In the past few years I have decided to study 1-2 languages simultanously but at my university period from 1992-1995 I studied languages the whole day long in the university library, so I managed to study 4-5 languages simultanously attending university classes.

I would appreciate, if this Russian podcast gets translated in English and / or German as well.


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This is the link to the English version of this article;

And here is the link to the German translation: