Самые большие пустыни (The largest Deserts)

I was born in Ashhabad, near the largest desert of Central Asia - Karakumy (= Black Sands in Turkish).
The desert is not the best place for living, but I remember that just at this time - at the end of February and in the beginning of March it’s the best, unforgettable time in the desert - all ground till the horizon is covered with poppies and other flowers!..
It’s pitty that in 2-3 weeks everything will be faded und die, but nothing is eternal in the world and we as well…

I’ve written a new article in Russian “Самые большие пустыни мира”, you can write it following this link:

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And here is the English version:

The Russian learners can use it for checking if they have undersdtood correctly the Russian text. And the Russians, who learn English, can read it and for checking, how correctly they understood the text, compare the English text with the Russian version.
This method of comparing two languages helped me a lot by learning English and German.
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Hi Evgueny I don’t know Ashhabad neither le largest desert of Central Asia Karakumy. I suppose that it’s very impresive. Me I had opportunity to go to Mali several years ago. In the north of Mali you arrive near the desert and you can meet touareg population. It was very cold at night in the desert. You can find gypsum flowers and scorpions. Malians speak french and but there are others languages for example “bambara”, “peul” perhaps others if I remember well.

Yes, people live everywhere, even in the deserts.
It’s really interesting how adaptive we are indeed!