Референдум на востоке Украины (The referendum in the East of Ukraine)

It could be interesting for the people who worry about the tragic events in Ukraine to read my new article about today’s referendum in the East of Ukraine and about the nationalism that caused the most of the tragic events in this country during last 4 months.
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from Twitter

Paul Ronzheimer ‏@ronzheimer 3h
Wahlbetrug! Sind mit Mann unterwegs, w Zeuge wie er 8 (!) Mal an versch Stationen in Donezk abgestimmt hat. Mehr später bei @BILD #ukraine

Kind of says it all.

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100,000 pre-marked ballots: from Kyiv post, (everyone make up their own minds)

They are killed, they are arrested, but they are voting!..
And so many happy faces in Lugansk and Donezk today!
I doubt a lot, my western friends, that you will see so many happy faces by the voting in Kiev on 25 May.


yes, they are voting… early and often

Things are tough for Ukraine right now, and the Kiev government has an uphill struggle to convince a majority of its citizens, in all areas of the country that the dysfunctional corrupt governing system of the last 23 years can be reformed, especially since many of those in power in Kiev now were part of the governments of the past.

However, the desire for change is very strong, as evidenced on the Maidan where up to 500,000 people took part in demonstrations, and in a more violent form with the armed insurrections in the East. I hope the Ukrainians are able to overcome their problems.

Today’s referendum is only one small piece of the puzzle, one step along the road to a new Ukraine.

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BTW, about these pre-marked ballots:


Good work.

Such things don`t appear in stopfake.org… because they are not matching a mainstream western propaganda.

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there isn’t a particular western propaganda, there is somehow historically formed view on Russia as a thread, which (view) almost impossible to get rid of. Eventually, it will lead to the Russia’s rapprochement with China, India and East Asian countries, what is maybe very economically profitable, but we have nothing in common with them culturally, and that’s a big concern.


May I ask a Russian speaker to explian Bautov’s link?

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Bautov: Eventually, it will lead to the Russia’s rapprochement with China, India and East Asian countries, …

I agree. The West’s isolation with Russia only accelerate the corporation between Russia and China. I heard that some economists are predicting that China will overtake US as the largest economy in the world before 2014 ends.

BTW, Putin is visiting China soon to sign some big deals. Obama is stupid enough to skip China in his last visit.

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@Bautov: “there isn’t a particular western propaganda, there is somehow historically formed view on Russia as a thread”

I agree that Russia looks like a thread to West. But massive anti-Russian propaganda takes place.
Remember just about foolish-looking “news” about wolves (!) walking in the Sochi`s hotel before Olimpic games. After that would-be-normal “Westerners” reffer to it as a fact.

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@ dooo

In short: for 100 000 ballots you need 20 boxed as in the picture in that article. It weights 250 kg. Plus weapons and other stuff what was found.

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Thanks. I guess the Kyiv Post is not to be trusted

"May I ask a Russian speaker to explian Bautov’s link?

100 000 voting papers were found in a small car Daewoo Lanos. They told these papers already had their votes for the independence of the East of Ukraine before the referendum.
The end of the article shows how much boxes of paper should be (20 instead of 5) to contain 100 thousand sheets of paper, the sum weight should be 250 kg what is too much for the small car and 3 men with Kalashnikovs.

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I guess the both sides are not to be trusted.

à la guerre comme à la guerre (all’s fair in love and war)

It’s a pity Russia supports the war :frowning:
It’s a pity a part of Ukraine don’t want to wait for the presidential elections.

@ edwin
He managed not just to skip China, but to sign a security agreement with Philippines almost on the same day as Japan and NATO signed a partnership agreement.

Interesting article in Christian Science Monitor about events in Ukraine and parallels in Vietnam

"Russia would think very hard before taking parts of Poland or the Baltic states, which are secure as democracies within NATO. And while Chinese maritime forces harass islands claimed by Japan and the Philippines, Beijing knows these democracies are part of a string of alliances around Asia backed by American power. For China, Vietnam remains the easiest pickings.

The strength of security pacts among democracies is not mainly in their warships and fighter jets. As President Obama stated in a 2011 swing through Asia, “the ultimate source of power and legitimacy [is] the will of the people.” That was the key lesson of World Wars I and II, and the cold war, but one not yet absorbed by many countries."

French language article citing Bild am Sontag (Sunday Bild) claiming 400 American mercenaries from private security company, Academi (formerly called Blackwater) are fighting alongside anti-seperatist guerillas

Old blackwater, keeps on rolling…

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Articles on the referendum in Canada’s two national papers.