Пять Империй Русского Государства (5 empires of Russia)

The Russian writer A. Prokhanov suggested an interesting idea of 5 empires of the Russian state.

Everyone who is interested in History can read and listen to my rendering in Russian of this idea:

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And here is the English version of this article “Five Empires of the Russian State”:

In these days I have been thinking to focus on the Russian-Turkish Wars in the 19th century. It will be good to read up on the Russian history before starting to read about the Russian-Turkish wars and to refresh my knowledge. Please keep sharing this kind of contents about the Russian history. I am really interested in the Russian culture, politics and history.


I’m reading now a historical adventure/thriller novel set in that period: Turkish Gambit (Турецкий Гамбит) by Boris Akunin

Und jetzt haben Sie auch die deutsche Übersetzung meines Artikels “Fünf Imperien des russischen Staatswesens”:


Thank you for those interesting articles.
I printed the articles in the three languages and started comparing the three versions. I will listen soon to the audio.
I am interested also in history and I recently started reading “La revolución rusa” by Richard Pipes.

Could you also post this translation in the original Russian lesson so we can see Russian and English side by side? Should only take a couple of minutes (Edit - Resources - Translation).

Thanks in anticipation.

Here you can find three versions - Russian, English and German.
But I don’t think that I have to give the translation ‘side by side’ for the level B2.
I do it sometimes only for the A1 level, for example “Мои первые диалоги”, “Мои первые тексты”.
If you would like to compare, you can open one version and then the second one.

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OK. Fair enough. I’m A1

Better to say “The Russian imperialist, stalinist and propagandist A.Prokhanov” )))