Праздник со слезами на глазах (The Victory Day)

Today is the Victory Day in Russia.
We celebrate on this day the Victory over the Fashist Germany in May 1945.
Why this holiday is the most important in Russia and why we celebrate Victory Day not on the 8-th May like in other countries of Europe - I tell about it in my new padcast “ПРАЗДНИК СО СЛЕЗАМИ НА ГЛАЗАХ”.
Be the way, we call Victory Day - The Holiday with tears in the eyes because we lost 27 million people in this war against fashists.
Herre is the link to the Russian version of my article:

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After watching TV today I decided to write one more podcast about the Victory Day - БЕССМЕРТНЫЙ ПОЛК (An immortal regiment).
This tradition is quite new, it was born only several years ago: the people on the 8 or 9 May go in the demostrations or processions with the photos of their dads, grandfathers or grand-gradfathers who took part in the WW2 which is named in Russia the Geat Patriotic War.
It is unforgetful sight to see children and adults with the big portraits of their died relatives over the heads. It’s really an immortal regiment which connect the generations in the fight for peace and against the fashism.
Yesterday and today I saw such ‘immortal regiments’ not only in Russia, but also in the cities of different countries: in New York and Washington, in Paris and London, in Berlinb and Vienna and even in Toronto.
Who reads in Russian can listen to my podcast БЕССМЕРТНЫЙ ПОЛК:

And here is the link to the English version of my article ‘Holidays with tears in the eyes’ made by Tim Coyle from Australia:

Here is the English translation of my article ‘The Immortal Regiment’: