Мore russian content... add to the list of content resources?

Not strictly LingQ style… but some really good sound files for russian soft sounds (Ь) which were/are a problem for me to pronounce correctly.

Radio interviews… I already posted a thread, but wasn’t sure it’d be spotted and added to the list

The first one looks interesting, but as you say it doesn’t really have any content. However, I’ve added the second suggestion. Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

Maths, I really like the way in which the soft sounds change the vowel quality and length. Little difference but it’s very nice, I think. Thanks for showing.

This is almost totally off-topic, but here’s a link to my favorite scene from the film “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” where the British MI6 agents get drunk at a 1970s Christmas party and sing the Soviet National Anthem!

(Watch out for a brief cameo by the author John Le Carre in this scene - from 0.10 to 0.13 in the video!)

I asked in the other Russian threasd, but I think it got missed? Are you dabbling in Russian at the moment? Actively learning?

And yes the phonetics of Russian I find very cool; the causes and effects of softening on consonants, and stress on vowel reduction are as maze-like as the rest of the grammar )

Some more resources… http://russian.lingualift.com/blog/best-russian-learning-resources/