МОЯ НЕМЕЦКАЯ БАБУШКА (My German grandmother)

This story is my memory about my grandmother, a very unusual personality, who influenced me a lot.
She died in August 1964, 50 years ago, but I remember her as if she is still alive.

The article is in Russian, but maybe a bit later my friends can translate it into English or German.

Here is the link to the story:
О времени и о себе (On time and self)-МОЯ НЕМЕЦКАЯ БАБУШКА


I’m looking forward to reading it. Thank you. I’m glad that LingQ makes it possible for me to enjoy reading something (in Russian) that is really above my level but which interests me very much.


Amazing story, real life story. Thanks for sharing it.

Great article, certainly an interesting life. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, thanks for sharing.

Outstanding Story Jevgienij. Big respect for You and Your Grandmother:)

Thank you for telling me about this story! Normally it takes me couple of days to work through such a long story in Russian, but this one was so amazing and wonderful, that I couldn’t stop until I had finished it! I am an Estonian and I know exactly through my family how life was at Soviet times. What a remarkable woman and a remarkable story about real love!

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Thanks, friends! It’s all for memory of my granny, a really outstanding person.

It’s a link to the English translation of my memoirs about the Grandmother: THE WORLD AROUND US-20. MY GERMAN GRANDMOTHER

Увлекательная и трогательная история. Несомненная ценность, особенно для Вас и Ваших потомков. Будем помнить.

PS У меня был немецкий дедушка. Когда-нибудь я должен написать рассказ о нём из рассказов мамы и бабушки.

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And here is the link to the German translation of my memoirs about my Grandmother: GESCHICHTE UND KULTUR-MEINE DEUTSCHE GROßMUTTER