МОЙ 2016 ГОД (My 2016)

I remember in this article the most important events in my personal life and some important events in the world during 2016.
I think this article can be interesting for all people who can read in Russian at least in the intermediate level.
It can be interуsting if you share here about the most interesting stories in your lives during 2016.
And here is the link to my Russian article МОЙ 2016 ГОД:

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And here is the English translation made by Richard of my aricle ‘My 2016’:

And what are your impressions of that year?

Möchtest du eine deutshe Version machen?

Nicht sofort, aber später.

Rembrandt, du wolltest die deutsche Übersetzung meines Artikels, hier ist sie - MEIN JAHR 2016:

I think 2016 is a year that’ll go down in the history books.

@Yutaka: Time’ll tell whether I’m right - as an “arrogant” person would say :slight_smile: