Метро 2033 (Metro 2033 book and video game discussion)

So, I have just ordered my copies of Metro 2033, both in English and Russian. I enjoy horror and Russian culture. It seemed to be quite a fun mix. I can also read and translate.

Here is the book website (note: it is in Russian):


Metro 2033 has also been made into a video game for the Xbox 360 and PC:


I’ll give more insight when I get my copy of the game tomorrow. This is mainly to see how much of the LingQ user base plays video games. I understand a lot of you all are adults and probably don’t have time or aren’t interested, but I’d love to know.

Cтрах грядущегo. :wink:

How disappointing. Doesn’t look like a whole lot. Ah well. I got my copy. I’ll post later. :slight_smile: