Кто ты из постоянных гостей «Эха Москвы»?

Кто ты из постоянных гостей «Эха Москвы»?

I got Nikolay Svanidze, who according to himself has a “flexible spine” :slight_smile:

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Много вопросов, для которых не было подходящего мне ответа. Поэтому в результате получился неизвестный мне человек.


Я - Николай Усков. Он довольно неинтересен и вообще экономист, которвый плохо разбирается в экономике :\

Сванидзе мне действительно интереснее слушать Ускова.

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He’s not an Austrian then, is he? :wink:

Recently I tried to find out the best way to catch up on what’s happening on Echo and really get oriented in politics and affairs for the first time. The great thing is that you can go to a guest’s profile page and have all their past appearances listed. That way you can catch up on a dozen old interviews and get a sense of what that person is all about. I finished a Zhirinovsky binge for a lighthearted start, now binging on Nemtsov, peace be upon him, then I’ll go Navalny, Valeriy Solovey, Svanidze, etc.

Btw, your 102k wordcount is insane.

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Thanks. You’ll get there soon enough, especially if you get addicted to Echo Moskvy.

No. Sadly, he’s not of the Austrian school. He is basically an unfunny Sergei Markov. Completely in love with President Putin, but provides very little evidence to prove his points. I’ll admit to the fact that he can have his moments, like when he correctly pointed out that Navalny’s economic plan was very vague (again, siding with Putin).

I much prefer Shevchenko and Markov, because they’re so funny that you can get past their ignorance. I also like listening to Venedictov, Parhenko, Bykov, and my favourite: Valeri Solovei.

Make sure to listen when Olga Zhuravlyova or Oksana Pashina is hosting. Their greatness lies in the fact that they let the guest speak his mind, even if it’s Maxim Shevchenko making up conspiracy theories. They simply make those subtle sarcastic remarks that the guest often doesn’t even catch up on :slight_smile:

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Shevchenko and Venedictov were already on my list as well, what I listened to from them so far was fun. I’ll check out some of the others you mentioned.

I find in general that the echo journalists are very well calibrated and smart in their challenging questions and promts, as good journalists should be. Austrian TV journalists seem like clueless baboons, who just mimic this journalistic art, asking and saying things that make it obvious there is little to no economical, philosophical, historical depth of understanding behind their questions. When I inflicted mainstream Austrian TV on myself in connection with the recent election, I got more annoyed at the fake news journalists than at the politician, even when it was one from the opposing side!

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Yes, Russian media is also more varied than Canadian media, which is sad to say the least.

Когда журналист может быть ранен ножом, тогда надо быть хорошее. Надеюсь что Татьяна Фельгенгауэр будет жить. Её увезли в операционную.

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@ 4:20


хороший → лучший
хорошо → лучше

плохой → худший
плохо → хуже