Кто сбил Малазийский самолёт? (Who shot down the Malaysian aircraft?)

I agree with Evgueny40. The Western media was already blaming Russia from the start, and Steve is blinded by this Western Propaganda. My opinion is that it’s neither Ukraine, The rebels in Ukraine, nor Russia. It’s a framing job that the U.S. Government to make an bigger excuse to hate Russians, so we can go to war against them. Obama and Putin aren’t on good terms with each other before and even worse after the Olympics. That’s only my opinion.


I would agree to the limited extent that I think there are double standards and a pretty crude anti-Russian bias in the Western media.

As for who shot down the plane - we don’t know.

It seems pretty likely that it could have been Ukrainian separatists. It is possible that they were using Russian supplied weapons - but that is far from 100% certain.

As for a “framing job” by the US, in my opinion that is not at all plausible.

I’m also quite pro-Israel, but continue to be upset by all the innocent lives they’ve taken. They have blood on their hands.

@ Robert - “When will we see a massive outflow of ever so concerned Muslims when “their brothers” kill children, rape women, kidnap and enslave young schoolgirls? Where are the tens of thousands of Muslims taking to the streets in the West deploring these actions?!
How come they don’t talk about “their Muslim brothers” when it comes to these horrific crimes?
I’m afraid, the answer is frightingly simple: it does not matter, because in the mind of these (radical) Muslims, their “brothers” can never be wrong, no matter what they do.”

Oh, you are soooo right about the “Muslim brothers”!

Also, on the same day I read of the tragic death of aussies and others murdered in the sky, I read that an Australian-born Muslim jihadist blew himself up in Syria, killing & maiming innocent people. Worse, that there around 150 Aussies fighting in Syria for their “Muslim brothers!” It makes me feel shocked & sick that most of the 150 were born here.

And what about the civilians who have been killed (and who are still being killed) in Gaza?

There is an obvious difference between Palestine and The Donetsk Republic: Palestinian rockets are being launched to hit suburbs of Jerusalem all the time. No one from Donetsk is shooting at Kiev, but the Ukrainian forces are bombing Donetsk.

If the downed aircraft had been a government plane coming to bomb Donetsk, nobody would have been very fazed by the whole thing, I guess.

However if somebody accidentally shoots down a civilian plane then perhaps he should be honoured with an official award? (Irony warning.)

At any rate, that’s what happened to the US Navy captain who shot down an airliner and killed over a hundred Iranian civilians including 66 children back in the 1980s…

Difficult not to be angry about Russia’s current attempts to further delay the resolution to clear access to the wreckage…and the Russian government’s stated reservations about the wording of this resolution.

Also, difficult not to be angry about the spinelessness of many governments about this particular matter.

Blocking and delaying access to the wreckage is almost as bad as committing the crime in the first place.

This whole situation can very easily blow up. Reasonable people need to be allowed reasonable access to the crash site and use proper investigation protocols.

Lots of angry people in the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia etc, at present. Russian commentators, could do well to remember this.

Russia’s current attempts to further delay the resolution to clear access to the wreckage

Could you clarify me on that please?
The Sky and CNN reporters seemed to have enough access.

I heard the Sky and CNN reporters were using the old studios they filmed the moon landings in.



Really? So CNN and Sky film their shows at midnight in a remote area of the Arizona desert?




Russia’s current attempts to further delay the resolution to clear access to the wreckage

Could you clarify me on that please?

Eugrus, 4 days after the shooting down of this plane we still have rotting bodies in the field, and no forensic investigation commenced. The Russian government - this whole time - has quibbled, delayed and amended the unsc resolution to fix this situation. Only passing it today after a lot of pressure. Absolutely disgusting. Why is Russia the only country doing this?

Muammar needs company in hell. The sooner, the better.

“…4 days after the shooting down of this plane we still have rotting bodies in the field…”

That’s not quite true, Iaing. The bodies have all been recovered from the scene and put in refrigerated railway wagons… The black boxes have also been retrieved and made safe…

I guess the aftermath of a plane disaster in an area where a civil war is raging is never going to be “normal”?

(Just saying.)

одна тогчка зрения

I don’t remember the UK or US governments threatening sanctions after the Ukrainians downed a Russian plane back in 2001, nor any outrage from the West (or anyone apart from Russia), nor threats of war crime trials.

If the plane was shot down by the separatists, then it clearly was an accident (judging from the deleted Facebook and Twitter posts). How is this case different? Because the West is involved in a geopolitical struggle with Russia?


I reckon you’ve just about got it in one.

It’s absolutely horrible and tragic what happened to the Malaysian plane - that goes without saying. But it’s the sheer cynicism and double standards of the West which make me feel almost physically sick. If a Russian airliner had been accidentally shot down by Kiev government troops, then I have little doubt that our governments and media would have gone flat out to sell it to the public as either: (a) ‘a tragic accident - one for which Russia would somehow be ultimately responsible’, or (b) ‘the actions of a rogue unit - for which our clients in Kiev would hold no responsibility’.

It just seems to me we are being led by children with fools as cheerleaders. These are people who actually seem to want to take us to the brink of war - or even beyond. They don’t seem to grasp that such a war would be un-winnable, and could cost millions of lives.

Moreover the elite seems to think that this is still 1914, that they could still persuade or force masses of young men to march off to be slaughtered like cattle (while their own sons would, no doubt, be safely ensconced on the other side of the world somewhere).

Well, I think they would have a nasty shock on their hands - I don’t think the youth of today would stand for it. I think they would refuse en masse to fight.

It doesn’t matter that this is poor reporting, that two people don’t represent the whole town of Slovyansk, nor that Phillips speaks heavily accented Russian. What is significant is that this was shown on Russia Today.

This and the video that I posted earlier from Russian TV, with a Russian military expert debunking the Russian army version of what might have caused the Boeing disaster, could be an indication that a deal has been struck, that there will be no stronger sanctions against Russia and Russia will tone down its relentless anti-Ukrainian propaganda campaign which is the core cause of the tragic loss of life and related humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine.

Is this a turning point, or just a false glimmer of hope?

"That’s not quite true, Iaing. The bodies have all been recovered from the scene and put in refrigerated railway wagons… "

Not sure if you are just joking?

Even now, that is not true for all bodies and parts of. And certainly not the case when the comment was made.