Дети и родители (Children and parents)

The relationship between children and parents in Russia is quite different compared to the Western countries.
I write about it in my new article “Дети и родители”(Children and parents).
It’s accessible to everyone who can read in Russian, but maybe a bit later it would be also the English and German versions.
Here is the link:
Рассказы о России (Stories about Russia)-23. ДЕТИ И РОДИТЕЛИ

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Evgueny, it was a very interesting & touching read for me, particularly as I have 5 children.

My own parents have never set eyes on my youngest in the flesh, and he’s almost 9…partly because they cannot accept his disability. He isn’t lucky enough to have a grandparent like SanneT! :slight_smile: So I couldn’t help but think of my parents, when you spoke of that German grandmother…

«Мы живём ради наших детей, а как же иначе?» - часто говорят русские родители. С другой стороны, такие дети менее самостоятельны, они не умеют принимать важные решения в своей жизни, не умеют распоряжаться деньгами, не всегда готовы к трудностям жизни.

How embarrassingly true in my case! Hehe. (Except for my eldest son who lives independently).
Never mind, in my household we too say, «Мы живём ради наших детей» (и нашей семьи?? :slight_smile:

I’m curious as to what the younger Russian members here think of your article, concerning children and parents…

How the hell do you understand Russian that well Julie? Didn’t you only start two or three months ago?

Grinning here. No, a month ago. I started learning the script last week of October :slight_smile:

I could let you think I’m a genius ^^…or tell you that when I really want to understand something in Russian or German, say, I start with Google Translate, then pull apart, re-check and manipulate everything until I can see what’s happening in the language. Depends on how interested I am )~

Right. Because I didn’t think Evgueny’s lesson there was a healthy dose for a five week old super intelligent Russian baby that you effectively are :stuck_out_tongue:

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And now I have an English and a German version of this arickle about “Children and Parents”.
Here is the link to the English version:

And here is the German version “Kinder und Eltern”:

By the way, if you study one of these languages(Russian, English or German), it would be interesting to you to check youselves whether you correcktly understood the text.
Good luck in all languages!