Десантный нож

Что это такое, пожалуйста? Это я только что встретил в романе. Я как бы понимаю отдельные слова, но надёжного описания такого ножа не могу найти онлайн, в результате не знаю, как называется на английском. Спасибо!

Google Десантный нож, then images

Thanks. I did that. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough. I need to be able to identify the knife well enough to then be able to find out what we call it in English. I’m translating a novel in which it is mentioned, so I need to convert the images to the right English words.

Reverso Context gives “commando knife”: Десантный нож - Translation into English - examples Russian | Reverso Context

Brilliant - thanks ever so much for persisting! Yes. I tried various military renderings of десантный, but no associated knives showed up … but I see that the ‘commando knife’ really exists, and that will create the right associations, I believe. Thanks again!

Wonderful reply! In case you want to know more, I googled “Десантный нож что это такое”

And found this webpage, which shows a drawing and some details about where the expression comes from:

It seems it’s a kind of боевой нож and, thus, “commando knife” or “combat knife” could be suitable translations

Thank you! Thank you again to both of you. You both cited sources that I use most days, which just goes to show that my searching capability took a sudden, steep nosedive, and I really am glad that you baled me out.