I couldn’t find the meaning of “выгуливать” in the dictionnaries. I guess it has a relation to “гулять” → to walk, to promenade.

You are absolutely right. “Выгуливать” is related to “гулять”.

“Выгуливать” means to walk with an animal (usually with a dog). This verb is usually used by people living in a city or town. They need to take their dogs out of their apartments twice or more times a day. If you go for a walk because you see that your dog needs it, you say “Я иду выгуливать собаку”.

Here is a definition from my dictionary:
Выгуливать = водить на прогулку (обычно собак).


  1. Я выгуливаю свою собаку два раза в день.
  2. Кто будет выгуливать собаку, когда я уеду в отпуск?
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Perfect Dmitry. Thank you very much!

zdarova pacany ,ka u vas dela?:smiley:

el prefijo вы segun tengo entendido signifca “salir” y глять “pasear”, entonces seria algo como salir a pasear, o sacar a pasear, en este caso la mascota.