Выборки / выборы

Lesson 162 - АРЕСТ МИНИСТРА in course ДЕНЬ ЗА ДЁМ
“… победа Трампа на выборках президента США.”
Question: is выборки synonym of выборы ?

For вы́борка Wiktionary says:
selection, excerption, sampling

For вы́бор it says:
choice (option or decision)
(plural only) election

It may be an error. Since these words have different grammatical genders I don’t suppose the first is a diminutive of the second but rather they are different words.

Thank you!

I only now noticed your question.
It was, of course, my slip of the pen and I’ve just corrected it.
When you type a lot, you can make some such slips.
By the way, you’ve done also a slip in your question: in the course ДЕНЬ ЗА ДНЁМ (you omitted one letter).
In any case, thank you and good luck in Russian!

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