Zoran: that sucked the way you did the level changes

What are you on about? You still know the exact number of words, that you knew before, and you are still on exactly the same language level. Nothing was taken away from you. The known words for levels were never anything else but to provide some rough orientation as to where you stand. They were always arbitrary and meaningless and much too low to begin with.

So do you lose or gain anything if Lingq up- or downgrades your level? Get a grip.

I can understand how it could feel like a setback. I know I certainly spent a lot of my time worrying about what really just amounts to side quests, rather than the main object of the game.

I would suggest that if losing your ranking on LingQ is that demotivating, this would be a good time to reassess what you’re really after. Are you pursuing fluency, or just a rank and number? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had to make those kinds of adjustments. I feel like I’m needing to do it constantly, personally.

Just remember what we’re all here for: fluency in the language. Nobody’s going to give a crap if you tell them you’re an Advanced 2 on LingQ when you still can’t communicate.


jf999 has a point, you are here for you -:slight_smile:
You are here to make progress in the language you are learning so you can tune into the culture of others and communicate with others. Mull over what he says.

I can give you an example of someone else recommending you don’t get too wrapped up in statistics.

As a serious, very talented polyglot, a professor, academic and actively publishing psychologist - who had been a member of LingQ for at least 5 years - wrote last year before deleting his account on LingQ:
I wish you all happiness"

A great guy, a valuable member of the forum who ended up getting swept up with distractions consuming his valuable learning time. Wise words to heed to.

It happened with me. Just as I’m nearing I2, it moved to 13,200. I laughed out loud and didn’t think more about it. Seriously, many of us have our own criteria for what counts as a Known Word so my 13,200 words is going to be different from other’s 13,200 words. What difference does it make? It’s just an arbitrary number to get some sense of progress, but I already get that when I realize I’ve read a sentence without even thinking about any of the words in it.

The majority of my reading is imported newspaper and magazine articles that interest me. I don’t count proper names or compound words (Norwegian). I also don’t count most technical words like legal, scientific, medical words I will likely never ever use but can easily look up.

My most important metric is words read. I try for at least 3,000 words a day which is about 3 typical news articles. I’m close to 450K words so far, but even that is only a guide as I read lots of print stuff that never gets imported as lessons.