Zoran: it's still not working

You said my vocabulary review service was breaking down because your emails were going into my spam folder, but this does not seem to be the case. I have whitelisted lingq and there are no messages in my inbox or my spam folder. On the lingq site no daily vocabulary reviews have been prepared for me for the last two days (the third or fourth interruption of the service I’m paying for). So I must suggest that the problem is not, as you thought, on my end, but on yours and would hope it could be fixed today.

Bumping this up in hopes someone will pay attention to it.


Hi cheska99,
Sorry! I haven’t noticed this thread until now. Please make sure to post all bug/problem reports on Support Forum.
I checked your account again and I can confirm that we were marked as a spam again on November 12th. On which date you whitelisted us? I have just subscribed you back again, so if you whitelisted us after the November 12th, it should start delivering emails from now on. I assure you that everything works properly on our end, and we don’t have any other user with same problem. I am doing my best to solve the issue you have.

Also, if the problem persist, please check my suggestion in reply to your latest email.
Again, I am very sorry that we are unable to solve this problem for so long, but as soon as I subscribe you back, we are marked as spam and emails can’t be delivered to you.

OK, Zoran, let’s hope this works! Thanks.

Zoran, three days and three daily reviews in my mailbox! I think your last thought was absolutely correct, that I hadn’t whitelisted LingQ in time. Thanks again. I just submitted a well-deserved five-star review to the Apple store.

That’s great to hear! I am glad we were able to figure it out. Happy LingQing and thanks for the five-star review!