Yukiko had a baby girl!

Another good news!
My lingQ friend, Yukiko had a baby girl on Sep.14th !

Yukiko is a long time Linguist-LingQ member and she has many friends here in LingQ.

You can see her baby’s photos on her blog.(in Japanese)

Wow! Yukiko of Kagoshima? Congratulations Yukiko if you should read this Forum.

Congratulations, Yukiko!

Congratulations Yukiko :slight_smile: !!

Thank you so much , everyone!

yes, I am from Kagoshima!

I will try to write my experience on my VOX blog as well :wink:

Congratulation, Yukiko!
I saw the photos of your baby girl. She is soooo beautiful! WOW!
I am looking forward to reading your story on Vox.

BTW, now our conversation in on the LingQ library :wink: