Youtube import error

Anyone else having problems importing from youtube? I keep getting a message that says “Error: 0: subtitles not found” even though I have captions in the target language turned on.

Well it works for me, though I have problem to import any lesson from netflix.

Hm. Wonder what I’m doing wrong.

Can you post a link to a video you are trying to import? Which browser are you using?

I’m trying to import this from chrome: Israeli Historian Speaks Serbian #3 Foreigners Speak Serbian Podcast: Interview with Orel Beilinson - YouTube

I too am having this issue… help… Ive tried different devices, different browsers, not working.

Yes, I am also getting same error

Can you please install latest extension version we released and let me know if that helps? Thanks!

I removed the extension, restarted chrome, reinstalled the extension, restarted chrome again, then I tried to import the video and it said Error: subtitles not found.

Your latest extension solve my problem with netflix at least :slight_smile:

Not much Serbian on netflix, unfortunately :frowning:

I’m having the same issue. I’m trying to import something from viki, and I’m getting the error, “error: this field cannot be null”. I reinstalled the latest chrome extension and still get this message