YouTube and Netflix does not work in iPad air

youtube used to work, but not anymore. Would be great to get some help! Many thanks!

I am using below way in my iPad Air :

  1. share ( box and arrow)
  2. chose lingq
  3. all prefilled fields, but shown error:

For Netflix, it did import successfully but without any subtitles, only contains some Netflix advertisements.
will Netflix work in iPad Air?

Sorry to hear that. I’ll check this with our developers and get back to you with more details soon.

@zhili An update here. Please note that Netflix imported never worked on the app. For Netflix, you will need to use LingQ browser extensions (available for Safari, Firefox and Chrome).

We tested YouTube importing in the app and it works fine on our end. Please make sure turn on the subtitles before importing.

Thank you Zoran!

Pity Netflix does not work on iPad. :frowning:
For the YouTub, I did turn on subtitles each time. I also tied delete my lingq and re- install, did not work neither. I tried on safari, chorom, firefox, none of them works on iPad. But strange,
it was working before until around April 2021 .

eg: here is one of the YouTube I tried to LingQ:

Hi Zoran
I am having exactly the same problem As Zhili. Hope you are able to get it back soon

Ich habe die gleiche Problem

Hi everyone. Our iOS developers tried importing videos (including the one @zhili posted above) on his iPad and it worked fine.
Maybe you could try importing via the desktop versions and report what happens. It could be some region-specific issue.

I have the same issue on iPad Pro, in the UK. Importing works on desktop but fails on iOS for the same video. However, if my iOS device is connected via a US VPN server the import succeeds. The cause might be YouTube’s cookie consent page, which doesn’t show in the US but does in the EU.

Thanks @jwn, appreciate that info. I’ll let our developers know.

Many thanks jwn!
iPad and iPhone is my only tool , I don’t use desktop for years after work. :-).