Your Language Resolution for 2008! here!

Hello everyone, I hope you´re motivated to begin this year, I am!, because of I start this forum to help you!, and help me!, to achieve the first condition to learn a language: “motivation” (as always repeat Steve). I have, at the moment, an intermediate English level, I cant understand always everything, I can write good, although without so much idioms or English phrases, and I can understand the TV and podcasts more or less. Starting at this level MY LANGUAGE RESOLUTION TO FOR 2008 IS IMPROVE MY ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS achieving a level that allow me a TOELF score required for postgraduate admissions, I need to start studying French for 2009!, I want to immigrate to Quebec or somewhere in Canada. Well, that’s my language resolution!, What’s yours?

For who aren´t language natives or don’t know what a language resolution is? A New Year’s Resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or a habit, often a lifestyle change or in general (I understood in this way) achieve your top goal for the coming year. The name comes from the fact that these commitments normally go into effect on New Year’s Day and remain until fulfilled. More examples include resolutions to donate to the poor more often, to become more assertive, or to become more economically or environmentally responsible.

Well, tell me your LANGUAGE RESOLUTION!!! Help me!, help you!

A longterm goal of mine is to eventually learn Germanic and Romance (the families) along with Greenlandic, but there’s obviously no conceivably possible way I’ll acheive that for many years to come. The former’s currently more important, so 2008 will basically be a year of me trying to use the time as efficiently and effectively as possible. Right now, I’m trying to get to a decent level of fluency in French and later on Danish and also hopefully get a good grounding in Icelandic for the Scandinavian festival in 2009!

I also want to try and find meetups and places in town, as I know quite a few exist for various languages. There’s a Danish society fairly near to where I live, which I want to join sometime this year. I’m also hoping to go to Germany, provided I obtain a scholarship or inherit a pile of gold from a distant uncle.

A language resolution? Wath a good idea!!!, well, I´m a peruvian English teacher and my language resolution is… TARARARA… I want to pass my First Certificate Exam (FCE), I need to improve my English listening skills!!! I need “to use the time as efficiently and effectively as possible”( as Chris said ) but it´s really difficult!, is a very common resolution that I can´t delete from the list!!!, happy new year to all of yours!


My resolution is: listen, read, write and speak English as much as possible during the year.
In order to accomplish that I need to make new habits. There are some examples. I am going to use LingQ every day. If I need some new information on the Internet first I am going to find and get it in English if it is possible. If I want to watch a movie I am going to watch it in English with subtitles. The same with getting news and reading blogs on the Internet I would like to find some interesting blogs in English and read them every day. May be I will start my own blog in English when I will be more confident about my writings. Of course I am planning to read books in English. There are some already in my list.

Happy New Year to all of you!

Hello everyone,

My language New Year’s resolution is to become fluent in Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and German. I will spend a lot of time reading, writing, speaking and listening in all those languages. And more importantly at my own pace.

I wish you all good luck,

and a Happy New Year!

Hello everybody,

I´m really pleased to hear your languages resolutions, it´s really very motivating to me, I can read as ‘anpanp’ can learn 4 languages this year, without taking into account which he´s already fluent. I can recognize too, that other people have my own method to learn, I´m doing all that memfiz is doing!, for this reason i´m so confortable with lingq, i don´t think everybody can be succesful learning alone, but I´m, I´m a happy self-taught, as many of you. That idea about to start a blog in english I thin will be very useful, i was very near to do it with the item of ‘YOUR LANGUAGE RESOLUTION’ :), Good look and a lot of discipline to all of you!!! be brave to avoid distractions!!!..although it´s a productive distraction :),

Cesar (I_MED)

Hi :slight_smile:

In beginning,I learned English when I was small but you know ^^in my country we’nt use English when we talk so my Language be Weak .

currently, I went to Improve my language…

I hope a very bady be happy :slight_smile:

Hi Ihave been started learning english for those last 4 years but on and off now i desided to take it more seriosly cause it a must due to my work pls help

My language resolution for the year is to become fluent in German so that I can use it to study my opera pieces with Deen Larsin of the Schubert Institute and Heather Meyers who is my opera instructor here in Edmonton.
I am also slowly going through French (for those very hard to sing nasal vowels) and Italian (for dental consonants and bi labial plosives, and open and closed vowel sounds). I suppose it’s a bit different for me as I am learning to speak and then to turn that into knowledge for singing, but I am also going to volunteer with LibroVox and hopefully create things in English (and eventually in German, Italian and French poetry) for LingQ.