You-Tube material for English learners

I get bored soooo easily in class. That’s a real problem when you’re the teacher :wink:

To liven things up I’ve started showing students You-Tube clips of TV programmes at the start of a lesson. It warms them up and can either wrap a topic up or introduce a new one. We’ve done Jeremy Paxman interviewing Boris Johnson, the police stopping dangerous and abusive drivers, and Holidays from Hell.

Has anyone got any favourite sources of YouTube clips, preferably no more than about 3 minutes in length, that intermediate or preintermediate students might enjoy? I’m less bothered about them understanding every word spoken, as the clip being lively and not too daunting for students.

Hi Skyblueteapot

Try ‘Howcast’. I’ve only watched a couple of videos but basically they’re a ‘how to’ channel but they don’t take themselves seriously. They’re cheesy, might be fun for your students and easy to understand (but not every word). And there are lots of videos less then 3 minutes.

I think there’s a lot of potential here. I’ve been looking at a slightly different avenue than you - what videos could people with low-intermediate watch and learn from. My answer so far is ‘how to’ videos

Here are some more links on my blog.

On this entry I’ve a Youtube video with some questions

I how ‘howcast’ is helpful.

Good luck


Old BBC weather reports. This one will have them rolling in the aisles…

Well the good thing about YouTube is that there are videos on practically any subject you are interested in which are in English.

I’d just say you should type your favorite hobby in the search bar.

But if you think they’d not be interested in whatever your hobbies are:

Not in your optimal length but I think they’d enjoy them anyway.

He’s a genius, I absolutely love him