You still do not want me to host RussianLingQ podcasts?

Two years ago I asked LingQ support may I host RussianLingQ podcasts, and the answer was “we already have enough hosts for RussianLIngQ”.
Huh, really? Russian LingQ Podcast 1.0 - LingQ Language Library
You still do not want me to host it?

Rasana, at that time we had an arrangement with two podcasters. That is not longer the case. WE would love you to host Russian language podcasts. Пожалуйста

Rasana, I had better check with Anna and Andrei first, before you go to any trouble, just to see where we stand.

I don’t understand why you do not want to have several hosts at the same time…
Spanish LingQ Podcast 1.0 - LingQ Language Library — here you had 2 pairs of hosts at the same time…

I would have thought the more hosts the merrier… like in French… there are like 5 of them!

Also it spices things up to talk to new people and engage in new topics. This lady might be a fun and lovely lady… sometimes I tried to book a tutor and she was packed booked.

I suppose it depends on whether LingQ pays for the podcasts to be transcribed or not…

I want to host RussianLingQ because I just do not like the recent situation with RussianLingQ. It really does not matter will I be paid for it or not, as well will I have to transcribe my podcasts or not.

Oh Sorry, I miss read the question. Podcasts! Sorry. I thought you were saying conversation.

The thing with the FrenchLingQ podcasts, I loved the ones where Steve were hosting with Henri. Then he disappeared and no update for a long time.

Rasana, I now think it would be great if you would host RussianLingQ podcasts, and I would like to discuss this with you. I think we should go for easier, more beginner like content. I will sign up for a discussion with you and we can discuss. Thanks!!

I am under the opinion that there is plenty of beginner content for learning Russian as a second language. The greater amount of beginners should not be impetus for a greater quantity of beginner podcasts. There are always going to be more beginners than intermediate or advanced speakers because Russian is difficult. Russian students need to be challenged.

The podcasts are primarily to attract learners to LingQ. This is a different issue from the question of what kind of content we need in the library. In fact there is a lot of excellent content in our library, and great content is also available on the web with both sound and text.

Russian grammar presents a number of problems. I am convinced it was designed to deliberately prevent hostile Mongols, Tatars, Vikings, Teutonic knights and CIA agents from learning the language. The inconsistencies, the exceptions, the verbs of motion, the same endings appear all over the map for cases, the prepositions that take different cases, (the fewest number of prepositions take the prepositional case), one case for one of a thing, a different one for 2-4 of a thing, including 22-24 etc, ) and a different case for 5 and more and I could go on and on. Half the time you are left scratching your head until you have had enough exposure to actual understand and start noticing.


I would like Rasana to start a series called something like " a stroll through Russian usage" where she creates simple dialogues on a specific theme, and the text, all in Russian, goes over examples of verbs of motion, perfective and imperfective aspects, and whatever, all around common themes of life in the Urals or whatever.

I would be interested in the views of others. Rasana and I will be discussing this later this week. All you Russian learners out there, what are your needs?

I’m actually looking for some intermediate conversational podcasts in Russian.

I like the idea of a “stroll through Russian usage”, for me I think the most beneficial things would be something that I am mostly likely to use. e.g. not something like “hello are you fred bloggs, yes I am fred bloggs. ah hello I am …” but perhaps something more like “are you going to sit around all day, or are you actually going to do something”, “why are you still moaning” “turn the tv down its driving me round the bend” etc

hmmm you can tell I spend most of my day teaching or looking after kids :stuck_out_tongue: looking at those examples I gave. :slight_smile: