You learning how munch of languages?

I ask that for know (curiosity) , me I’m studied by alphabetical order (Arabic , English , Hebrew , Norwegian bokmål , Russian , Spanish).

My level (by language iso code) :

AR : Beginer

EN : Intermediate

HE : Beginer

NO : Beginer

RU : Beginer

ES : Beginer

My native language is Arabic.

EN : intermediate

My native language is Japanese

CN : Elementary (new HSK B2, C.test E level)
EN : Intermediate (TOEIC my best score is 900)
FR : Intermediate (DELF B2)
IT : Beginer ( I listened to Italian podcast and finished a basic conversation book, but never learned a grammar.)

My native language is Cantonese

I want to learn Japanese, Korean, France , Spain, Russian, Arabic and German.
I’m beginner of those languages.
Is It a dream ?
Can I success ?
Anyone can help me or give me advice?
Nice to make friend with you…

I’m learning quite a number of languages, and I’ve had enjoyable success in them so far, although I’m by no means finished with any of them.
I follow the method of Alexander Arguelles, by which it’s much easier to study multiple languages simultaneously than one at a time. Add me on Skype and we can discuss it, Peter.
Matt9244 is my skype name.

Hi, Matt92

I’m sorry, I am lazy to download the skype. I like to use Yahoo I.M. ( My ID is petercckk.
I found some material about Alexander Arguelles by google searching.
I found his website .And I found video chips that Alex explains his studying method.