You have reached you LingQs limit


I’m BASIC member of LingQ. I receive an error message - “You have reached you LingQs limit.” What happens?

My login is “stariy”.

P.S. BASIC Membership to September 05, 2010.

@stariy - Sorry about that. We have fixed your account now. We are trying to figure out what happened.

@stariy - I see now that you downgraded your account to Free. That is why you have a LingQs limit. Downgrading to Free happens instantly.

“Thursday, August 05, 2010 15:23 $10.00 BASIC Membership for the period from August 05, 2010 to September 05, 2010.”

Today I renew. What should I do? Paying for the second time the same?

You paid for that period but if you downgrade to free, the period ends instantly. Unfortunately, our system has to be designed this way. However, it is a bit confusing so if you upgrade again, I will refund you your second payment.

All right. Only that I paid again. Check this out.