You can't read the forum on an iphone anymore

If a forum post gets really nested you can not read it on the iphone because the text is ultimately pushed to the right side of the page resulting in a single column of letters.

What’s more: if you are not looged in, you only see the first thread post. The rest is not visible. It says: “scroll for more”, but nothing… Bug or new feature??

I suggest that all members refrain from using more than two levels of nests. (This is the first level.)

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This is the second level. Can you read this on your iPhone screen?

If the thread is like a long-lasting, never-ending chat, that phenomenon is more likely to happen. This is my guess. Can you see this comment on the Bildschirm?
(This is the second level. Don’t reply to this level.)

Since the last update, the forum is a mess. On a mobile device unreadable (due to indentation and a lot of useless info), if not logged in, unreadable (= not visable). Who is interested in the number of words Yutaka knows in English, German, etc…? The textbox is far too small, too! Sorry, that’s the plain truth.

Exactly as on my iPad!

Thanks for all the feedback on the forum design for mobile devices. We’re looking at ways to improve this and should hopefully have some improvements here soon!

This is on our list and will be fixed hopefully soon!