You can't afford to give her some perfume - what is the meaning?

You can’t afford to give her some perfume
i confuse about meaning
is that mean, the perfume expensive so I can’t buy.
or she may refuse or doesn’t like it.
may be something else…

the url

i hope could find answer,please.


Your first choice is correct. “You can’t afford to give her some perfume.” = “Perfume is too expensive for you to buy.”

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thank you so much,

Wael, the definition of the word ‘afford’ is
1.Have enough money to pay for.
2.Have (a certain amount of something, esp. money or time) available or to spare.

This makes it clear that the perfume is expensive and the person doesn’t have enough money to buy it.

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thank you Vijay07 for help,
nice to meet all here,