You are back: how nice!

I only realise how LingQ-addicted I am when I am deprived from logging in… Now I feel better!

Hope you didn’t have to uncross too many wires to make it all go smoothly again.

@SanneT - Glad to hear you’re feeling better :wink:

The situation is a bit tricky to explain in simple terms, but here’s what I wrote on Facebook that might help give a better insight into what happened:

“In simple terms, we “moved” to a new (and better) server at a different location on the internet. This means we now have a new address. However, when you were typing in “”, your browser was being sent to our old address. It took some time for the information to update on other servers, so even though we were up and running some people couldn’t sign in because they were still at the old address.”

In any case, there shouldn’t be any more problems accessing the site now so you can indulge in LingQ as frequently as your heart desires :slight_smile: