Yellow words don't show their meanings

I link like all other members in LingQ unknown or forgotten words transforming them from a blue color into a yellow one. From time to time I repeat some listened old texts and before I could always, if I forgot some yellow words, put my mouse to them and I received immidiately the meaning that I created by reading the text for the first time.It was very convenient, I could repeat and remember these words again.
But since 2 weeks I can’t receive their meaning by putting my mouse to them. It’s very inconvenient because due to several forgotten words I have now to revise all words to this text.
I remember that one of the “sensitive” americans claimed in Forum a month ago that these appearing meanings of yellow words disturb him(But why does he put the mouse to them???) Maybe after that complain the LingQ administration deprived us such a convenient possibility to repeat forgotten words?..
If it is right, I think it is a wrong decision and many of us would like to return to the former regulation.

You can still click them if you did not notice that.

We are going to bring back the hover display for yellow LingQs shortly. You will be able to change a setting to have them open with a click.


Hi mark,thanks a lot!
I will be sooooooooooooo happy, when the old hover display for yellow Lingq. come back!!.
I have so many yellows words on my lecture, and I like to review them on reading my text,without having to click.

I agree. The old way was much more convenient.