I found this website the other day called “yabla.” I think it’s yabla.com, if not just google it. It’s basically a service that provides massive video content in your targeted Language, for me it is German. It shows anything from a german teacher giving a lecture to music videos. But it also provides subtitles in German and in English as well as an attached dictionary.
Like everything in the world it requires money, I believe the subscription is like $10 a month, so not too bad. I was just wandering though if anyone has tried this service and if so If I could here some feedback that’d be nice. I probably end up buying a month to see how I like it, because just from the Demo videos I found a lot of interesting content.


Have you advertised LingQ in the same way on Yabla?

Beside last week you haven’t been active on LingQ for more than one year and then the first thing you do is this. I don’t get it.

One of the free lessons includes copyrighted material. I cannot imagine that the TV stations gave permission to add this (I know the German habits). And some of the lessons where I can only read a short description looks the same. They don’t respect copyrights.

That doesn’t answer my question. Yes lingq is a good resource for learning but not the only one. Yes I haven’t been on Lingq in a while, what does that have to do with anything. I seriously doubt Yabla contains copyrighted material.
Number 3.

Also to clarify, I’m not trying to steer business elsewhere from LingQ nor am I even advertising Yabla as a better method of learning than Lingq, I simply want to hear people’s opinion on it that have had experience with it.

“Piggeldy und Frederick” is definitely copyrighted. It is a TV program. You can find it on YouTube too, but that doesn’t mean that it is copyright free.

“Kurzfilm Festival - Horst” is taken from Rhein-Main-TV

Copyright may bother others, but it doesn’t really bother me. You can have your own prerogative but that’s another conversation for another day. I see copyrighted material as a loss to the companies that put it out as microscopic fractions to what they actually make.

I don’t particularly care about copyright law, as I feel that it’s a pretty corrupt system (similar thoughts on the patent system). Both originally positive ideas which have unfortunately been misused and are now oppressive. To me, that they use copyrighted system isn’t an issue.

It seems like an interesting idea, but I don’t think I’d use it. Not enough content, languages, or desire to do anything other than what I’m doing right now.

“Copright may bother others, … I don’t particularly care …” I know people who are trying to earn their (modest) living by writing and acting, for them copyright is important. Infringement amounts to theft, even if it is seen as ‘only’ shoflifting. The damage is done and can make a big difference over time.

I don’t equate it with shoplifting at all. That’s something completely different in my eyes.

As I see even shopflifting as theft, deliberate infringement of copyright is theft, in my eyes. Others do, and are allowed to think differently, I am stating just my opinion. (I am still embarrassed about the stationery we used to treat as ours at work, it was standard behaviour, but being very honest with myself, we did nick things.)

I use Yabla for French and I love it. I find it extremely helpful in training the ear for real, lightening fast speech. I’m a promiscuous learner of French, so I go where I can for good material. Yabla provides a different kind of authentic content: visual, audio, transcription, flashcards with audio, awesome dictionary (one click and you’ve got a ready-made flashcard with full paragraph containing sentence in context. Plus, the word in question links directly to the video)–it’s superb. I use Yabla in conjunction with other learning sources. It is not a one stop grocer, but it’s a great resource.

Wait, do you pay for every language separately?

Yes, that’s why I wouldn’t share a copyright protected work on your site (if this were the case) SanneT, because while I’ve got no respect for copyright I’ve got respect for people’s wishes.

The creator of yabla.com used to a user of lingq before. We had already discussed lingq vs yabla a long time ago. You can search previous thread. Just type in yabla in the search box.

Later I did not bother using Yabla since I could utilize the same features on my own by using a variety of resources at my disposal. Like Youtube, Anki, desktop dictionary etc.

Nevertheless, anyone is free to use any language system out there.

Dear Veral,
Someone wrote to us recently and asked us why we are not respecting copyrights – in reference to this forum thread. Yes, you are right, the programs you mention ARE copyrighted and we HAVE license agreements in place with Studio Hamburg, Rheiman Tv and others (that is what we DO as a business and it’s what we have done since we started selling subscriptions to the public in 2005) . If you are worried feel free to contact Rheiman Tv’s and Studio Hamburg’s legal departments to verify. I have no idea why you would assume we are using these programs without permission. I don’t want to have to sue LingQ or you for defamation, but when you write “They don’t respect copyrights” that is exactly what you are doing, you are defaming Yabla. You seem to think that Logan5201 is an agent we planted, but he is not. I do see we once had customer who chose that username name, and I’ll assume its the same guy, but that’s all he was, a customer. We never spoke to him and we never asked him (or any customer or anyone else) to mention us on your forum or anywhere else. I am going to send a copy of this to LIngQ support email address. I realize that for some reason you no doubt honestly misunderstood the situation — but now that I am presenting you with the truth please remove all of your accusatory posts and retract your statement that we here at Yabla “don’t respect copyrights”.
Kind Regards,
John DuQuette
Founder and CEO
Yabla Inc.
+1 212 625 3226