Xmas Giveaway: 10 x 500 points

Thank you very much for the kind offer. I have been studying Japanese for the past few months more or less full time since the end of the university year and the end of Remembering The Kanji. The points would help greatly getting me jump started into speaking and to get me to notice some of the more subtle patterns of Japanese speech.

thanks and merry Christmas

wow yes your offer is really kind. Ive been studying russian for almost one year, already got 6700 known words. I really like one of the providers in lingq, his name is Evgeny, i guess more than half of my knowledge in russian i learnt it from him. If you will decide to give me this points i will spend them to have some tutoring with him.

Again thank you for such a generous offer,

Merry christmas!

I would be happy to receive 500 points, which I would use to have a text corrected (and possibly recorded) in one of my languages (Polish, Romanian or maybe Swedish),
Merry Christmas,

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I’ve created a number of lessons here on LingQ to have a possibility to earn points. I’m trying to find new themes which could be interesting for people who learn my native language. Another way to get points is tutoring in Russian.
I spend the points for conversations with native German and Italian speakers. Sometimes I spend them for text corrections.
I’m going to visit the north of Italy in 3 months, that’s why now I’m concentrated on Italian. My previous Italian trip happened last March. I knew about it just in February and it was a challenge to acquire the language in two months :slight_smile:
Now, in a year, I would like to be more prepared. I would like to be able not just to order something in a restaurant but to talk about anything interesting in Italian. Of course it needs practice. And the points would help me to improve.

Danke für die Möglichkeit diese Gedanken hier zu schreiben.
Frohe Weihnachten!

I would like 500 points for greasemonkeying the reading page

If you give me 500 points, I will give somebody else on this thread 600 points.

I would be happy to receive 500 points which I would use to have a German text that I submit corrected and recorded by you. Actually if you are willing, I would love to have a conversation with you, but I think you’d rather correct and record. Two years ago the exchange didn’t exist and you could only offer corrections, now you can offer recordings too. Should I submit a text for recording to you it will be the first time I use the exchange.

Another idea that benefits you directly:

If you wish, Hape, I can gift you 1,250 points to add your 5,000 points here and you can buy a six month membership for yourself. You have 5,000 from content and need another 1,000. Gifted points are subjected to 25% commission, so you need my 1,000+25%= 1,250+ your 5,000 = 6,250 and you are all set for another six months.

I’d be happy to receive 500 points to continue to speak with my Swedish tutor. Thank you! I can do some Chinese recording for you if that makes things easier. :slight_smile:

My English is still rusty! More practice would improve it!


@xuedaolao - Thanks for the points. Merry christmas! :slight_smile:

mmm… I just want to have more opportunity to practice my rusty spoken German :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about not offering conversations or corrections, that’s your prerogative! Perhaps one day our paths will cross and we will speak anyway. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Thanks for the points, I will use them wisely with another native German speaker. I wish you a happy holiday season.

Vielen Dank, Hape! Frohe Weihnachten!

@xuedaolao - Thanks a lot for your points :slight_smile:


Ganz herzlichen Dank Hanspeter!

Frohe Festtage und einen guten Start im neuen Jahr!


Thanks. I think I’ll take the 500 points and create an exchange request and make a new German lesson from it


Thank your for the points!! Merry christmas!

By the way, I still owe somebody 600 points, but I have not had access to a computer yet since I am travelling in Switzerland and the website doesn’t work properly on the iPhone. I will give it in a few days when I arrive in London.

So I am on a real computer again and so I gave the 600 points to Ress for hosting conversations and correcting writing, and I think for making content for the library.

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@Colin Johnstone, what a surprise! Thank you very much! I guess your middle name is Santa :slight_smile: