X hotkey (Ignore) doesn't always work

Not a serious problem, but using the X key to ignore a word doesn’t always work. It works if there is something in the “popular meaning” box, but it doesn’t work if the box is blank. I’m pretty sure it worked a few weeks ago.

Also, it used to advance to the next blue-highlighted word. For example if the proper name John Doe occurs, hitting X would cause John to be ignored, then it would advance to Doe where you could hit X again. Now it doesn’t advance and doesn’t even work if there is nothing in the popular meaning box.

Minor inconvenience. When it happens I just mouse click the Ignore icon.


Hi Guys
Ditto … yes, noticed same with both issues experienced here for a while now (X not working, and advance to next word), so although I agree not a huge problem in itself, but would certainly be appreciated if convenient solution could be found to these.
Thank you, FrankG


im having the same problem, not the end of the world but slows down the flow of reading


Thanks for reporting, we will look into the issue.


I have the same issue, in both chrome and firefox. Same with k (known).

I also noticed this is a more recent bug, earlier this was working fine.

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Same issue - the shortcut doesn’t work when there are no suggested translations, and both the known and ignore shortcuts don’t automatically advance to the next word anymore either.