Wrong word counts

The linguist by Steve Kauffman in Spanish lesson 2 its called

It should be fixed now.

Lesson 5,6,7 have wrong word counts/invisible words.

I was able to fix lesson 2 because I’m a premium user. If you’re a premium user you should be able to fix them as well. Just follow hdemunck’s instructions in this thread: Fix Remaining Blue Words That Turn Into Known Words When ...

Zoran, who actually works for LingQ, can fix them using a faster method so if there are a lot of lessons in a course with the problem (and that appears to be the case here), it’s probably better if you just send an email to support with the URL of the course and then he can fix all of them for you at once.

it says the thread doesn’t exist? I don’t know if I am premium but I have lifetime Spanish does that count and allow me to edit these courses?

The link should work now; it was including the punctuation, which I’ve removed.

I assume that any paying member counts as premium. If you’re using the web version and you’re in a lesson, click the “…” at the top right of the text area. “Edit Lesson” should be listed, but you might have to scroll down for it, depending on your screen size.

you just resplit the text and thats all you do?

If you have that option. I don’t so I have to follow hdemunck’s instructions:

Steps to correct a lesson.

  1. Go to “Edit” the lesson.
  2. Replace any word (Ex. de in French) and the space before and after, with the number 9.
  3. “Save” NOT “Save and Open”
  4. Return to the number 9, and replace it with the original word (Ex. de in French)
  5. “Save and Open”
  6. Done and fixed for good.

@Hagowingchun I have just fixed the complete course, no need to deal with it on your end. Enjoy studying it! :slight_smile: