Wrong translation suggestions

Quite often LingQ gives wrong translation suggestions (especially verb forms).

See this snapshot: http://bit.ly/hCh3b6 - all three are wrong translations into German.

How can such wrong suggustions be eliminated from the system?

It would be nice to mark wrong translations.
If marked by several learners as wrong, those could be hidden in some way.

What do you think?

It isn’t in fact LingQ giving the wrong translation, but various users that have added incorrect definitions for certain LingQs. However, even if you chose an incorrect definition for a word, after seeing it enough times you would start to realize that it was incorrect.

Implementing some sort of rating system for User Hints would be a significant project, and that time would be better spent on the long-awaited rating system for lessons, so for now we’re likely to leave it as is.

I personally look up words even if there is a user hint, but maybe it’s just my preference to see it myself rather than go off of what someone else says.

I noticed the very first day that I used LingQ that some hints were “wrong”, but then I considered that some of the hints are probably correct according to the context of the podcast wherein they were first heard.

@hape - That is a good suggestion and something we have considered doing in the past. Perhaps some way for our editors to remove strange hints they come across. We will consider it.