Wrong translation in French LingQ 101 - Getting started

there are wrong Translations in the first Chapter “French LingQ 101 - Getting started” Part 1 “Salut. Comment allez-vouz”
My display language is german. My learning language is french.
Beginning from the sentence:
“Vous apprendrez de nouveaux mots”
→ Translation: “Sie möchten eine neue Sprache lernen.”
Thats the translation from 2 sentences befor.

Next sentence is correct.

" Vous n’apprendrez pas les règles de grammaire"
→ Translation: “Bei LingQ werden Sie sie lernen.”
Thats the translation from 3 sentences before. Without “Bien” → “Gut.”

And so on. Al translations beginning from the sixth sentence seem to “mixed” with other translations.

It is very annoying for a new learner, when the first basic lesson has such errors.

Not just French/German has this problem. I noted it earlier with Korean/English also.

Thanks, we will look into it.

We fixed these issues for the German translations of French LingQ 101 - Thanks for reporting it!

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