Wrong translation in 1-Михаил работает поваром

At least, I don’t think it’s really meant to be a translation of that text.
1-Михаил работает поваром.

Text: У Михаила есть возможность встретить мрого дружелюбных людей.
Translation says: Mikhail is happy when he talks to customers
It looks a lot more like “Mikhail has a lot of opportunities to meet friendly people.”

Note: When I tried to copy the text, it wasn’t copying, so I typed it freehand, so there might be typos in my text above.

Is this the right way to report this issue? Apologies if not.

Wait, several translations in a row are attached to the wrong text.
It looks like the translation for one line got lost, and all the successive ones are on the wrong sentence.
Михаил паботает поваром в ресторане.
The translation given is “He makes food for hungry customers”, but that is obviously for the next sentence, not this one.
This sentence says Mikhail works as a cook in a restaurant.

I haven’t been able to figure out any way to see the translations except one line at a time, which takes furious clicking while listening, so I hadn’t before noticed they were almost all on the wrong sentences.

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Yo, Russian native here. Yes, your translation is right, that from LingQ is not. Also, there are a mistake in how that sentence written in Russian.
In Russian there is no “мрого”, but there is “много” which translates as a lot

Спасибо. Я толко ошиблис когда я писал. Это слово “много” правильно на оригинальной истории.

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LingQ would it be possible to add a hotkey so that we can flag incorrect translations? Flagged translations could then be reviewed and corrected.

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Mikhail has a lot of opportunities to meet friendly people.

Pretty close, but this would be better:

Mikhail has an opportunity to meet a lot of friendly people.
много дружелюбных людей - a lot of friendly people.

In Russian, precisely in this case, it would be even more smooth if you say:

У Михаила есть возможность встретить немало дружелюбных людей.
немало - kinda “not so few”. Just as a synonym of “a lot”.

Thanks, we wil have it fixed.

Hi, the translation of this lesson is fixed now, one line was missing and it had messed up the rest. Thank you for reporting.

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