Wrong day on LingQ

This problem has occurred several times and I can not keep a consistent streak because of this bug.

Several times I have finished my LingQing for the day only to notice that the stats (words read, LingQs created, etc.) are logged for the next day and not the current day and it gives me the little frowny face for the current day and my streak is reset.

I’m not sure if this is because I tend to switch between pretty much every platform offered (website from either my work computer or home computer, Android phone, and iPad). So maybe it is a syncing issue because I am using all of these devices or some other bug but it has destroyed my streak several times now and it’s a bit irksome.


I noticed that I originally set the time zone from my home computer and when I just double-checked on my work computer it had the default time zone set. I can’t figure out how to check the time zone on my android app; I assume it uses the phone’s time zone.

So maybe there is an issue with the website not saving or resetting the time zone from different computers?

It could definitely be a time zone issue but your time zone only needs to be set in one place. If you set it on the web, it will apply to all devices since the streak and statistics are maintained on the server. If your time zone is set correctly, it could be that you are working offline so that your progress isn’t updated until you sync next. If that syncing takes place the next day, that data will be assigned to the next day. So, the best way to avoid this is to make sure you sync the mobile app with the server before the end of the day. To make sure it syncs, you can connect your device to the network and then swipe down to refresh which also syncs if connected.