Writting send to a tutor last month and no corrected


I would like to cancel the demand of writting to a tutor and have my point back please. I have not the possibility to cancel.
Can you help me ?

There is no support to help me ?

Send this (below) to support. Here is their email address: support@lingq.com . That is “support” followed by “@” followed by “linq dot com”. (Email addresses are automatically turned into a series of asterisks on this platform)

Dear Support,
Recently I sent my writing and Lingq points to a tutor to correct my writing.

The tutor did not correct my writing.

Can you help me get my points back? At this point, I do not see any option of canceling the writing correction request. I do not see any button to press or any box to check or any link to click on that will cancel the request.

CecileInParis (Lingq User Name)

I sent this many points:
I sent the points on this date:
I sent the points to: (specify the URL of the tutor’s profile page)

@CecilelnParis Sorry! I missed your post.
Can you please check again now? Request should be removed and points added back on your account.

Thank you Zoran. Yes it works.
No worry we are still not really back from vacation… :stuck_out_tongue:

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