Written corrections

I see that a student has chosen me to correct his (or her) writing, the name skyblueteapot shows as the designeated tutor, yet when I filter the list to show “my” corrections only, this one does not appear. Please could you explain what I should do?

Thanks, Helen.

“My corrections” mean the corrections, which you have done or are in work. You have to become a corrector for this work.

Helen, you must look in the Public Corrections list to find new submissions. As Annett says, only your past corrections and the submission you are working on will be in the My Corrections list. You should be able to click the link in the email alert to open the submission directly or you can go to the Public list to get it.

Ah, I think I see it now.

Thank you all so much for answering my questions so promtly. I have had the most unexpectedly high interest in my services as a tutor, and I get unnerved quite easily. But it’s straightforward when you know how :wink:

Wooh, that was strange and puzzling! I was trying to correct the submission on the right hand side of the page, and I just got error messages telling me I hadn’t selected any text! I had to go and make a pot of tea before it occurred to me to try and correct the version on the left!

I understand it now. Probably :wink:

I do that just about every time I do a correction! :slight_smile: