Writing -

Hi Mark,
I wanted to submit a writing. I have 327 points, and my writing needs 323 points to be corrected, but it is said that I have not enough points.

Hi Mark,

So I bought 1000points so that I had 1327 point. I submit my writting and it has been accepted but instead of 323 points has announced, the site charges me 330 points. I don’t know why.

Hi Cecile,

The word counter on the page is slightly different than the one on the server. The counter on the server is the one that is actually used to process the writing transaction. Therefore, there is often a slight discrepancy between the two counters. When this happens you need to either buy some more points or remove a few words.

I think the word counter on the server is including a title while the site only counts the number of letters in a content. I think the word counter on the server is right because tutors do correct title when needed.

I looked at that, Emma, but it is actually not the reason although a good suggestion. :slight_smile: It’s just a discrepancy in the counters. Usually, just 1 or 2 words.

Hi Mark, Hi Emma,

Ok. I notice that for the next time.