Writing - to choose a tutor isn't working

I wanted to submit a writing, but the task for chosing the tutor isn’t working.
If I click on this button, I come to the place where I can see the tutor, but if I click on “submit” - my writing disappeared.

After that, I tried to submit without the name of the tutor and wrote the name only in the title, that was wasn’t possible. It is a MUST to choose a tutor.

What can I do?

Hi Irene,

I’m not quite sure I understand. Is this when clicking on the Choose Corrector button on the Write page?

Yes, I cannot choose a corrector, because when I click there, different names are coming. I wanted to choose Kish and click on her name. After that, it is again “submit writing” and my writing from before disappeared.
It isn’t possible, too, to save the writing. I cannot see the number of my writing, too. I think, everything isn’t working correct at the moment.
Thanks - Irene

@Irene - Which browser are you using? I just tried in Firefox and Chrome and everything seems to be working fine.

Hi, Mark
I am using the Internet Explorer, and I don’t want to change it. You know, I am not a hero, and at the moment, I am in Malta and wouldn’t have help if anything would go wrong.
But I think with this explorer it should work, too. Surely, I am not the only user that have the IE.
Weeks ago, it was working with it, too.

We will take a look at the issue in IE and try to fix it but that probably won’t happen for a few days. In the meantime, you can try with Firefox or you can just wait until it’s fixed. It was working before and nothing has changed on our end so it must be an update that IE made that is affecting that page.

Again me. I could find a mistake I did. It was, because I wrote in Word and would copy and paste. After that, the words weren’t counted, the save and transfer button didn’t work and choose a tutor didn’t work.
Now, I wrote some words before and then I inserted the text from word. It worked! Now the words are counted, the text is saved and in the list. Only to choose my tutor Kish isn’t possible. And, because the points aren’t reduced, I think, something isn’t correct. Perhaps you can help me now, Mark. :wink:

@Irene - I see that Kish doesn’t come up when using the search field. I don’t know why this is but I will look into it. I think it is probably because she has an activity score of 0. She should create a LingQ or two and she should be searchable after that. However, I see Kish at the bottom of the writing corrector popup under Highest Rated right now so you should be able to click on her button there. Don’t click on her profile link but click anywhere else on her button. The other way you can choose her is to go to her profile, click on Submit Writing and then choose your draft from the Title dropdown. Hope this helps!

Hi Mark, I used this solution only, because no other way is working.
I went the other way you suggested, coming from her profil, clicked on Submit Writing and then brought my writing. Kish isn’t choosen and I got again the order to choose a tutor.
Now, my writing is only saved but not transfered. Now, I will write on Kish’s board if she is able to take it from there, but I think it is not working and it has to be transfered.

@Irene - Yes, there seems to be a bug when clicking on the submit writing button on the profile. We will look into that too…! Sorry. However, I still see Kish here in the writing popup http://screencast.com/t/LtzoWMQdu6G. I would think you should see her there too.

Yes, Mark, I know this button that you show me on the screencast. It is the one I wanted to use. But when I click on this button, I get a list with different tutors. If I click there on Kish, then I have again her profile! From there, I come with the submit button back to my writing and it is only in the pending area, because saved.
No submit is possible. Sorry.

@Irene - It is a bit confusing but don’t click on her name in the popup. If you click on her name it takes you to her profile. If you click anywhere else in her little box, it will select her. For example, click on her image in the popup. We know we need to fix this too but it will work if you don’t click on her profile name.

@Mark - you are a clever detective, it is working in this way :slight_smile: Thanks