Writing section

I have an idea for the writing section. I havn’t written anything so far, because I don’t know what to write about. And even if I write something, I’ll probably choose the centences I’m quite sure of.
So, I think it would be much easier to write, if there were some topics given. What do You think about a topic list? Or just some questions about different areas and we could answer them. Like “Describe your favourite film” or “What do you prefer for breakfast?”
So, then we could whether write something what we want or choose something from the topic list.

All the best,

Hi Katrin,

There is a list of topics in the Write section, but it is a little bit difficult to see. After you click on Submit Writing, you will see a button with the word ‘Topics’ next to the Title field. Click on the button and you will see a long list of topics.



Oh…You’re right. It’s weird that I havn’t noticed it. It’s quite a new thing here, right?
But it’s exactly what I meant:)

The topic list has always been there but I think many people just don’t notice it. It used to say ‘Questions’.