Writing reports are not shown correctly from the "My requests" page

If I open a new report from the “My requests” page I’m headed to the post in the exchange format: Login - LingQ

If I open an old report, the report opens with that link for example: http://www.lingq.com/reports/73556/
I liked the format of the old report because I could read all the corrections quite well. On the exchange format I’ve to hover over the numbers and that makes the corrections difficult to read and often they are not shown correctly. How do I get access to a new report looking like the old one?

A second problem is that I miss the remarks in the old reports. I know definitely that there were remarks in this old report. It seems that all the remarks are no longer there.

I want to bring this to attention again.

@VeraI - We have been working on updates to the exchange. These updates should be released shortly and should provide fixes for the issues that you report here. If you are still experiencing these same issues after the update please let us know.

Thank you, Alex. I’ll try it again after the update.